Sunday, 25 November 2012

NEWS: Tiana being over priced by booking agencies - NOV. 2012

With the Dancehall Duchess asserting herself as one of the genre's emerging acts, it seems that a few promoters are trying to capitalize on her royal status within the industry.
Dancehall star, Tiana has allegedly been the subject of attempted scamming by promoters, locally and internationally. One source, who recently travelled from Africa, told Tiana's manager, Carlington 'OutAroad' Wilmot that unscrupulous persons are over charging the artiste for upcoming shows.
Additionally, one promoter also told Tiana's manager of a specific case, when a booking agency charged US$20,000 for her services in Africa. However, after a price of US$15,000 was seemingly agreed to, the booking agent relayed that Tiana will be not available for the date anymore, but they could offer three other artistes affiliated with their company for a similar price.
This isn't just happening to Tiana with overseas agencies, but such excessive pricing has also occurred locally for the Dancehall Duchess. Not only have some local promoters been overcharging her, they have been doing so in an effort to book persons who are signed with their agencies.
Meanwhile, many persons have been booking dub plate sessions for Tiana without her consent as producers have inquired her on social media about these sessions that they paid for. Industry players are being urged not to pay money to these unscrupulous persons.
Nevertheless, these apparent politics won't deter Tiana from closing out 2012 with a bang as she recently released singles such as Mine Di Dog Bite Yuh (Dog Bite Riddim) - Produced by Washroom Entertainment).
Additionally, Tiana features on the soon-to-be released, OutARoad produced, Hot Pursuit Riddim, which also features acts such as deejay of the year contender, Konshens and his rising protégés, Darrio as well as Delus, amongst many others.
All Booking Inquires should be directed to Tiana's Manager or - Tell: (876) 381-3874



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