Friday, 23 November 2012


Dancehall artiste/radio disc jockey DJ Sunshine is being stalked. According to the disc jockey, for several weeks now she has been followed on social networks and physically by an apparently troubled individual.

Sunshine also received lengthy sexually laced messages from the man.

"It's somebody that comes to Irie FM from time to time to drop of music. So it's a situation where I ended up speaking to him out of courtesy, then it started to get disgusting and he began coming to the station at least once per week," she said.

"He also sent so many messages on Facebook it could fill a book. As a public figure, you always have people making approaches saying they want to marry you and stuff like that, but this one was very different. He was freaking me out and his messages were graphic and explicit. He was saying some real sexual creepy stuff that he wanted to do to me," she disclosed.

DJ Sunshine also told The WEEKEND STAR that her stalker even showed up at her events.

very uncomfortable

"Sometimes I would be at an event and he would just appear behind me, so I just had the feeling that I was being followed and it made me very uncomfortable, especially with all the things going around with rapists now," she said.

DJ Sunshine says she reported the matter to the Ocho Rios Police Station, and she was advised to place a restraining order on the alleged stalker. She also said the matter was communicated to the other staff members at Irie FM and a photo of the alleged stalker was erected on the premises to alert others.

"Females just be careful and be aware of your surroundings. Take the necessary precautions afforded by the law and go to the police," she warned.

Despite all her troubles, Sunshine says she has not closed her Facebook profile.

"Facebook is a place where I keep contact with my fans and I don't have a phobia for it now. I am still on Facebook," she said.

The WEEKEND STAR contacted the Ocho Rios Police Station to confirm that DJ Sunshine had in fact made the report. However, we were told that the investigating officer was unavailable for comment.

DJ Sunshine last performed at City Jam held in Riverton, where she delivered a decent set.

"At City Jam I did very well, I feel like I have grown as a performer," she said.

The DJ/artiste is currently working with TJ Records and is expected to play at Hennessy Artistry tomorrow night.



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