Wednesday, 5 December 2012


With patrons anxiously awaiting this year’s staging of Sting, organisers have stepped up their game by intensifying the competitive spirit with the introduction of tag-team clashes.

The already monstrous anticipation being carried for this year’s event is now amplified, as patrons can expect to witness top-flight acts in lyrical confrontation simultaneously.

Two teams have already been confirmed for the clashes. Team one comprises Tony ‘Mentally Ill’ Matterhorn and Merciless, who will face off against The Original One Teet, Gold Teet Don Gorgon Ninja Man and KipRich.

At any time during the clashes, either team can call for assistance from another artiste to help them win the lyrical war.

Speaking with THE STAR, Matterhorn stated that although he and Merciless might be seen as the underdogs, he is confident that they will be victorious.

“The four a we lyrically dangerous but mi know me and Merciless a win the clash. We nah go need fi call nobody fi assistance. Tell Ninja Man and KipRich to keep away, a better dem stay far! Who sees trouble and run come inna it? Who does that? It look like a dat Ninja Man and KipRich waan do, so make dem come. “ Ninja Man, on the other hand, said he is ready and willing to lyrically kill any and everyone.

“Anyting dem send come we a go lyrically kill it. Mi sure to God say KipRich alone can take on di two a dem deh. Dem a go lyrically dead inna Jam World. War dem want, war dem a go get,” he said.

Adding, “Matterhorn never kill nobody yet cause Twin of Twins a nuh nobody fi people kill. Mi not even smoke cigarette cause dat a bad habit, so mi nuh know whe Matterhorn a go. Tell him say is not a tracing war, is a lyrical clash. A nuh tracing a go win dis, so a better him go get some lyrics,” Ninja Man told THE STAR.



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